MIS Analytics Source Data Available FREE

With greater and greater data analysis being done by schools, MATs, Local Authorities and software vendors to support their operations, decisions and strategies, having access to robust, reliable data has never been more important.

The raw data used for the MIS Challenge analysis dashboard belongs to the public and is publicly available if you know where to look or can ask for it. For that reason, Omega Pegasus Group have decided to make the data that supports the dashboards available for FREE, to anyone who wishes to make use of it, do their own analysis.

The information about the schools comes from Edubase, and will be updated regularly (though this is available directly from Edubase at any time for free). The information about MIS is a complete data warehouse with all records from 2010 to today, and will be updated each year with the updates to the main dashboards. The MIS data file also includes information year on year when a schools has changed MIS. Download the raw data files from the MIS Challenge Resource Hub

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