The Pocket Mentor App gives a Boost to Children’s Mental Strength

The Pocket Mentor platform is now live and ready to help boost your children’s mental strength and resilience

Well… I think it is safe to say mental health and wellbeing has never been more important than after the events of 2020. The pandemic changed everything for so many people in so many ways. One aspect that everyone has felt to some degree has been the strain on their state of mind. But while adults have at least some ability to understand this, the pressures they face and many can take action to help themselves and be somewhat resilient, children do not. Children do not have the benefit of life and experiences to draw upon to understand what is going on in the world when all they know, their routines of school, friends, playing outside, disappears overnight.

The Pocket Mentor App was already fully in development by this time with a mission to help children and young adults build a resilience to moving into adult life — which as we all know is not fair, does not play by rules and can be cruel and unforgiving at times (and has some good bits too!). I have been fortunate to see the app evolve from it’s earliest incarnations, and even involved in testing the platform and apps prior to main launch.

In her own words, founder Elise Williams created Pocket Mentor to help others prepare for the big wide world. “My quest began a few years ago after leaving University. I was lucky enough to get a job in the big wide world but soon found I was unprepared for the challenges of everyday life, from coping when something went wrong at work to motivating myself up in the morning.”

Utilising her studies, research and science, she began a mission to improve mental health and wellbeing education for individuals (via the app) and for educators (via a curriculum for schools).

The app is beautifully designed with children in mind, providing a fun and interactive environment that is gamified well to promote continued usage. This is coupled with an amazing partnership the company has set up with Eden Projects to plant a tree for every 10 days of tasks and feedback given.

The daily tasks, the 5 to Thrive, promote the user to take some time out of their day to relax, reflect and be mindful of what they have done well that day.

The part I love the best, and in fact was the first thing that attracted me to the project when I first met Elise over 3 years ago, are the mind-boosts — short videos cleverly illustrated by Elise herself (such an artist) designed to be used when you need a pick-me-up or advice on how to deal with a particular situation or feeling. Breathing exercises, mindfulness workouts, focusing on outcomes, focusing tools and over 40 other videos. As someone that has struggle with his mental health at times, for me these videos impacted me immediately, I felt instantly refreshed, more focused, calmer.

Check out some free Boost videos available via the Omega Pegasus website.

The Pocket Mentor App has an exciting future ahead of it with apps launching in the app store in March, the desktop version is already available to sign up to, and a school curriculum available to support schools with lesson plans, activities and resources. Now more than ever, children’s mental wellbeing, strength and resilience could use a boost!

Find out more about the Pocket Mentor App (External Website)


A transparency notice: Omega Pegasus Group makes no money from any purchases of this platform. Although there is a professional relationship between the organisations, so far as providing free consultancy and testing of beta Pocket Mentor platform, this is an honest and independent review.




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Omega Pegasus Ω

EdTech | Data | Product | Wellbeing

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